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Pay As You Go IT Support

What does Pay As You Go Support Offer?

Our Pay As You Go IT support customers benefit from all of the services offered to those on a retained contract. This includes remote and on-site support.

Who would benefit from Pay As You Go Support?

This level of support is used by companies for a number of reasons. Some like the flexible approach and ability to control support requests internally, others require support when carrying out more complicated tasks, to provide holiday or sickness cover or just to help out during busy periods.

What does it cost?

All time is charged at a fixed hourly rate and invoiced at month end and supplied with a full service activity breakdown report showing all work carried out during the month. The amount of support required determines the monthly cost.

Is there a service level agreement?

Pay As You Go services are not offered with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with guarenteed response times, However, our best endeavours are used at all times to provide a 4 hour response for any Immediate support requests.

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Kinetic ICT Solutions are an IT Support company based in Mansfield ,Nottinghamshire, UK. We offer Retained IT Support, Pay as you go IT Support, Remote IT Support services to cover PC’s servers and Network Hardware & Software, Cloud Services, Web Design, Web Development, Email Marketing to small and medium sized companies throughout the East Midlands.