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Kinetic Mailer Features - Unsubscribes

Kinetic Mailer manages all your unsubscribes and much much more

Unsubscribes are automatically removed from your mailing list in real time and added to a suppression file so they will not be contacted again, even if you unknowingly import the contact again. This gives you important protection under anti-spam legislation.

If you already have a list of unsubscribe email addresses from a previous system this can easily be uploaded into Kinetic Mailer to avoid spamming those addresses.

Automatic bounce-back management allows you to automatically unsubscribe addresses which no-longer accept email. You can set a threshold for the number of times to try before unsubscribing. This means you don't pay to send emails to addresses that no-longer work.

Reply management allows you to route email replys to an address of your choice, or send them to a webmail system to be dealt with.

Availability of these features differs between each of the packages available. To compare a full list of our email marketing packages and what they offer please click here.

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