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Kinetic Mailer Features - Triggered Campaigns

Triggered Emails - Powerful, targeted campaigns to generate leads... automatically

Triggered emails are a fantastically powerful weapon when putting together a campaign strategy. These emails are sent automatically when users perform an action through previous campains or sign up forms for email newsletters.

Behavioural triggers allow you to send automatic emails when someone clicks on a specific link from a campaing relating to products and services which may be of interest.

Series trigger campaings can be sent to notify users of renewal programmes, trial conversions. These can be created in the system and automatically scheduled and sent.

Auto response triggers can be used to send emails when users reply to emails to make sure they contact you using the best channel.

Custom event triggers can be used to send campaigns to users who sign up for product information or a newsletter mailing list, so they receive the latest information without any action required on your part.

Availability of these features differs between each of the packages available. To compare a full list of our email marketing packages and what they offer please click here.

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