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What is the cloud?

In basic terms the “cloud” consists of servers, storage, hosted applications, systems and infrastructure providing computing resources as a service (usually via the internet) to end users who interact using a number of different software programs and devices. There are three main cloud areas:

  • Public – Third party providers offering resources & services over the internet. This would include DropBox or Microsoft Office 365.
  • Private – Generally used by larger companies, the private or internal cloud uses hardware on private networks to provide services for users within an organisation.
  • Hybrid – This option combines local hardware and third party services. For example a local server could store business critical files accessed daily whilst email could be provided by a third party e.g. Microsoft Office 365.

What are the benefits?

Reduce set up costs - Subscription services reduce the initial setup cost for systems.
Use (and pay for) only what you need – Manage services and costs as new users come on board rather than buying a 50 user system before you have any staff.
Mobile working – Cloud services can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection, it’s easy to setup access to systems wherever you or your staff are working.
Reliability –Unlike some solutions we don’t use outdated hardware to provide these services, we partner with industry leading providers (Microsoft, Mozy, DropBox, Box). 

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